Dojo Islands (Beta) FAQ for Families


What is Dojo Islands?

Dojo Islands (beta) is a safe and fun place for kids to learn and grow through play! Learn more here:


What can my child do in Dojo Islands?

Today your child can explore the safe island, play hide & seek together, and collaborate to build in our sandbox. We’re just getting started in our early beta program, and plan to add a ton more fun and collaborative learning experiences over time. We welcome your ideas!


How can my child access Dojo Islands?

  1. Have your child log into their ClassDojo student account
  2. Tap their Monster to access Dojo Islands
  3. Explore and enjoy! 🏝️

How is Dojo Islands safe?

  • Dojo Islands is built with kid safety as the #1 priority. 
  • Only the students that have been added/verified by your child's teacher can join the Island. That means no outsiders, no strangers.
  • Chat between kids is limited to a few select options to keep things friendly.


How can I disable Dojo Islands?

In your account settings, you can choose to enable or disable Dojo Islands for your child’s account.

Please note: If you choose to disable access for Dojo Islands, your child will not be able to access Dojo Islands at all through their Student Account even when they are at school.


Where can I share my child's ideas for Dojo Islands?

Email anytime to share stories about how your child experiences Dojo Islands—and what you’d like to see there in the future.


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