What is the ClassDojo Monster Customizer?

The ClassDojo Monster Customizer lets kids change how their monster looks and dress up their monster in different clothes. Any kid with a  Student Account or Outside School Child Account who has a Monster or can visit Dojo Islands will have access to the ClassDojo Monster Customizer. 

Most of the items in the ClassDojo Monster Customizer are free and available to all kids. Kids can earn additional free items through some of the activities on Dojo Islands. Also, Outside School Child Users may request that their parents subscribe to ClassDojo Plus to allow them to access subscriber-only items in the ClassDojo Monster Customizer.   

For more information, please see our Virtual World TOS.

What Virtual Items Can Dojo Islands and Plus Users Get in the Monster Customizer?

  • Monster colors, patterns, and faces
  • Monster clothing and costumes
  • Monster accessories, like hats and glasses

How Do Dojo Islands Users Earn Virtual Items?

  • Playing on Monster Island/engaging in learning activities on the Island
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