What are ClassDojo's Collaboration Features?

ClassDojo Messaging

ClassDojo Messaging is a wonderful, instant, and safe way for a teacher and a parent to privately communicate with each other. Messaging is currently available between one Parent and one Teacher. All messages are private and only available to the sender and selected recipient. Many school districts require that all communications between Teachers and Parents are documented for safety and/or compliance reasons. Thus, ClassDojo messages cannot be permanently deleted by either the Teacher or the Parent. Teachers can remove a message they have sent from their messaging channel with a Parent, but this message will still be available by downloading the messaging history. Parent-sent messages cannot be removed by Parents or Teachers. Please have a School Offical contact us at if you need assistance removing a message sent by a Parent.  For more on ClassDojo Messaging, please see the following:


Class Story

Class Story is a feature that Teachers can use to share photos, videos, and announcements about their class with all of the Parents and students connected to that class. Class Story posts cannot be seen publicly The class owner and any co-Teacher connected to that class can post and view Class Stories. Teachers can attach photos, videos, or documents to Class Story posts. Parents, Teachers, and Students can comment on Class Story posts, however, this can be disabled by the Teacher who owns the class.  


Class Story posts and comments are visible to Teachers in a class,  Students who are in the class, and Parents connected to those students. Events can only be viewed by Teachers and Parents in the class and are not visible to students. 


The owner of a class, School Leaders connected to the class, and Mentors connected to the class can delete any Class Story post that has been added by them or a co-Teacher, and any comment that has been added by themself, Parents, co-Teachers, and Students. Co-Teachers in a class can delete Class Story posts and comments that they created and comments made by Parents and Students. Parents and Students can delete any comment they made.


 For more on Class Story, please see the following: 


School Story

School Story is a feature that verified Teachers and school leaders can use to share updates, important messages, photos, and videos school-wide, as well as School Events. Any verified Teacher in a school can post to the School Story. Teachers and Parents can comment on School Story posts unless commenting has been disabled by a School Leader.

School Stories can be viewed by any Teacher verified at the school, and Parents who are connected to a student who is (1) in the School Directory and (2) in an active class. Parents of students who have been graduated from the School Directory or who are connected to only archived/ inactive classes will not be able to view the School Story.  School Story posts cannot be seen by students. School Story posts cannot be seen publicly. 

Any Teacher can delete their own School Story post and the comments of any Parent or Teacher who comments on the post they have created. School Leaders and Mentors can delete their own School Story post, posts created by other Teachers, and the comments of any Parent or Teacher who have commented on any School Story post. Parents can delete comments they have added to School Story posts. 


 For more on School Story, please see the following: 


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