How do Read Statuses and Urgent Messages work on ClassDojo?

Families want to be sure their most important messages get to teachers, even if you can’t respond right away. With the optional ClassDojo Plus subscription, families have access to Read Statuses and Urgent Messages, giving them peace of mind without any extra work for you. Teachers stay in control with the ability to turn off sharing read statuses for specific threads (coming soon to iOS and web), and they also won’t be shared during your Quiet Hours. 

Currently, these features are only available on our website and on iOS devices. 

Read Statuses

Teacher Accounts

When a teacher sends a parent a message on ClassDojo, the teacher can see the date and time the parent account opened the message. Once a parent has seen a message, a small blue checkmark will appear under the sent message showing the time the message was opened.


Parent Accounts with ClassDojo Plus: 

If a parent has subscribed to ClassDojo Plus, they can see the approximate time the teacher has read their message. If the teacher reads the message during their Quiet Hours, the parent will only be able to see the Read Status once the Quiet Hours have ended. 


Urgent Messages

Teacher Accounts

If a parent sends an Urgent Message it will be highlighted in yellow and appear in the ‘Urgent’ section, letting you know that it’s important. 

Parent Accounts with ClassDojo Plus: 

If a parent has subscribed to ClassDojo Plus, they will have the ability to mark messages as urgent if they’re important.


How do these messages work with Quiet Hours?

All messaging activity will respect your Quiet Hours. If you read a message during your Quiet Hours and the parent is a subscriber to ClassDojo Plus, they will only see the Read Status after your Quiet Hours has ended. Similarly, if an urgent message is sent to you during your Quiet Hours, you will not be notified until your Quiet Hours have ended.

How do Urgent Messages work with my notification preferences?

Any notification preferences you have will operate as usual, and you will only be notified of urgent messages in your preferred channels. 

Can I turn off Read Statuses?

Yes, you can turn off Read Statuses from your account on the website. Here is how: 

  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner
  2. Click "Account settings"
  3. Tap on the "Messaging" tab 
  4. Toggle on or off Read Statuses

Can I turn off Urgent Messages?

You cannot turn off the ability for families to mark messages as urgent.




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