Connecting to Your Child's Class via Text Invite

If you have received a text invite from ClassDojo that says your child's teacher has invited you to join their class, you will see the text includes a link and a P-code (aka Parent Code). With this information, you can connect one of two ways:

Parent code

You can login to your existing parent account on the app or web, or create a parent account, and enter your parent code into your account anywhere you see "Add a child" to connect to your child's class.

Invite link

You can tap on the link within the text on your mobile device. This will open your mobile browser and prompt you to login to your parent account or sign up for a parent account. Once you enter you login details, you will be asked to download the ClassDojo app (if you already have the app on your device, you will be able to tap "open" to launch the app).

Once logged in on the app, you will see that you are now connected to your child's class. 


For step-by-step instructions, see our video tutorial on how to connect to your child's class via the app:



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