How to Assign a Worksheet Using ClassDojo Portfolios

You can now use the activities feature in ClassDojo Portfolios to assign worksheets to your students! At this time, activities can only be assigned using the ClassDojo website. Here's how: 

  1. Log into your account on the ClassDojo website
  2. Open your class
  3. Select the “Portfolios” tab under the class name
  4. Tap "Create activity" 
  5. Enter the activity name, instructions and then under "Response type" choose "Worksheet"
  6. Click "Upload attachment" and then follow the prompts to select the file or image you would like to add as a worksheet (please note that the maximum amount of pages that can be uploaded is 10) 
  7. Click "Assign to class" to assign to the entire class or follow the steps in this tutorial to assign to certain students in your class worksheet-2.jpg

Students will be able to write, draw, add text, and even stickers to their assigned worksheet. You can share these instructions with your students on how to access and respond to assigned activities.


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