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Can I Join Multiple Schools?

At this time, it's not possible to be joined to multiple schools with the same teacher or school leader account.

For security reasons, users are only allowed to have one account per email address, so teachers and school leaders need to have different email addresses for each account in order to do this. This then allows them to get each account verified separately for each school so that they can gain access to each school’s Directory and Story.

*Please note: Although teachers and school leaders can leave their school and change their school affiliation at any time, switching back and forth between more than one school can lead to students and parents getting connected to the wrong directory.

If you need to set up multiple different accounts, it is easy to switch between your different accounts with the app by using the Account Switcher drop-down menu. Please see this tutorial for how to toggle between two or more accounts. 

*Note: This is an app feature only. When logging into multiple accounts via the web, users need to log out of the first account in order to login to the second.



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