Creative Ways ClassDojo Helps You Teach Remotely

Share files on Class Story, giving students access to their workbook and worksheets you would normally share in class. Teach virtually by sharing videos of your lessons on Class Story, and assign Activities to keep students practicing skills they would be learning in class. The learning doesn’t have to stop at the classroom door! Here are a few ideas to help get you started as you transition to a remote learning community.


  • Continue your read aloud - Record up to 8-minutes of video and share it to Class Story. This means you can pick up where you left off in your chapter book, or start reading something new together!
  • Students can post book reviews -  Students can journal and/or record a video to post it to their own Portfolios, perfect for sharing what they are reading. But don’t take my word for it ;) 
  • Running records - Want to keep track of students' progress in reading? Have them take a picture of a page from their book, then use the voice notes to record themselves reading. 


  • Math talks - If you’re sending worksheets home, ask students to upload a photo. Then they can use the voice notes to explain their math thinking, and the annotation tool to mark up their page.
  • Found math - Creativity isn’t just for art. Ask students to use found objects, like loose change, or other items around the house, to share what they know about your most recent math topics. They can take a photo and use the annotation tool to create and explain math problems.
  • Cooking is math - Encourage families to cook together, and have their student do the measuring. There is math everywhere in the real world! Then they can upload a family video or picture sharing about the experience. 

Social Studies

  • Family tree - Encourage families to take this time together to sit down and map out their family tree. They can draw it out or take a picture of the history they uncover. 
  • Interview your family - Assign a Journal Activity with a list of questions students can use to interview family members. They can then use this gained knowledge to compare and contrast family members' traits. 
  • Research - Assign each student a historical figure and encourage them to become the expert! Allow student choice and encourage them to share their learnings via Journals, pictures, or videos.


  • Nature walks - Encourage students to take a science excursion through their own backyard and document their scientific noticings. Have them take a picture and use the annotation tool to add scientific labels and notes.
  • Guess the image - Take a macro picture (or borrow an image from Google) and post it to Class Story. Challenge families to guess the image based on clues you share in the caption.


  • Get musical - Challenge students to write a song, perform an instrument, or create music with objects from around the house. They can upload their creation to their Portfolio through video, or by taking a picture of their newly created lyrics and adding a musical voice note.


  • Learning links - Share links to Class Story of websites that you would like students to explore to continue the learning at home. 


  • Create a masterpiece (with the drawing tool) - Send out an Activity encouraging students to use the drawing tool to create a work of art. Consider providing a prompt like “draw the main character in your book” or “draw a picture that has symmetry”... or just let their creativity run wild!
  • Create a masterpiece (and upload a picture) Students can also upload photos of their own artwork.  Encourage them to create a masterpiece using just the items found around their house, then upload a photo and give their work of art a title.


  • Get your 60 minutes in - Encourage students to get the recommended 60 minutes of activity and to journal about it. What did they do? What was challenging? Do they have a goal they want to achieve?  
  • Physical fitness challenge - A video of their teacher doing push ups? Now that’s motivating! Challenge students to a push up, sit-up, or wall sit challenge and see if they can beat your record! Students can upload a video or journal their progress and you can comment to cheer them on!

Social-Emotional Learning

  • Big Ideas - All families can access The Mojo Show videos at! Each week choose a theme, like growth mindset, and have families watch an episode together. You can then assign an Activity with comprehension questions from the discussion guides! 

Digital classroom 

  • Let’s meetup - Using Events on Class Story, set a day/time and invite students to join you via Zoom or Google Hangouts for a class meeting <3 

Did we miss anything? We know that this is just a tiny glimpse of what a remote learning community might look like on ClassDojo, and we’d love to hear your ideas too! Join us in the ClassDojo Teacher Facebook Community and let us know what’s in your remote learning plan. By sharing your questions and ideas, you could inspire another teacher who needs it. 

Have questions on transitioning to a remote learning community? Email us at and we would be happy to help! <3

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