ClassDojo for Remote Learning

We’re here to help and support you as you make the transition to a remote learning community. The great news is that there is SO much you can do to support your students and continue the learning outside of the classroom.  This video gives a great overview of the top features you can use in a remote learning environment:

Here are a few ways you are already set up for success with your ClassDojo account…

Class Story

Class Story is where you share photos, videos, files, announcements, and events with ALL parent accounts connected to your class. This private feed for the families in your classroom is also viewable by students when they log into their student accounts.

Use Class Story for remote learning by...

  • Recording up to 8-minutes in video lessons 
  • Posting announcements, challenges, and text updates
  • Sharing links to learning sites to keep students practicing their skills
  • Uploading attachments like worksheets and other printables for families to complete at home
  • Sharing photos of curriculum or whatever, just to keep your kiddos feeling connected ;)
  • Creating an Event and getting your entire class together at the same time! Share your meeting link and meet digitally through Zoom or Google Hangouts
  • Share links to Youtube videos, your Google Drive folder, your Google Classroom, or any other external resource


Portfolios is a digital portfolio that allows students to share with their teachers and family! Students can add to their portfolio using Chromebooks, laptops, and iOS/Android devices, even from home. Teachers can view and approve student work on Portfolios using any device. Once approved, only parent accounts connected to their student can see those particular posts and both parents and teachers can leave positive feedback in the form of a like and/or comments.

Use Portfolios for remote learning by...

Learn more about how students can create a ClassDojo account and start uploading to their Portfolio here!


Messaging allows you to communicate with every family in your classroom, no matter where they are. Available on the web and iOS/Android devices, it allows you to send messages, photos, stickers, and voice notes to parents (without giving out your phone number). Your classroom community will feel at ease being able to reach out to you with automatic translations in over 35+ languages.

Use Messaging for remote learning by...

  • Sharing updates with families in individual messages or all parents via announcements
  • Scheduling messages to remind families to complete nightly reading or other remote learning activities
  • Simply checking in on families to see how they’re doing with the transition to a remote learning environment
  • See when parents read your messages and if your message was translated into a specific language

School Story

School Story allows you to share photos, videos, files, announcements, and events with every family connected to your school on ClassDojo. This private, secure feed allows you to keep everyone updated on school closures and other important announcements with automatic translation into over 35 languages.

Use School Story for remote learning by…

  • Sharing school-wide announcements to keep everyone informed (and see how many parents viewed your post)
  • Creating events like digital town halls to allow families to connect with the school via Zoom or Google Hangouts
  • Uploading attachments like newsletters and other printables families may when they can’t access school to pick them up
  • See which teachers and parents have viewed your school-wide posts!

So, what’s next? Check out our Remote Learning Webinar!






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