How can I report inappropriate content that I see on ClassDojo used in the classroom?


Students should notify their teacher or school leader if they see inappropriate content within their student account, portfolio, or a Class Story or School Story.  If the teacher does not take the inappropriate content down, please ask your parent or legal guardian to contact your teacher.


If you see inappropriate content in your child’s portfolio or a Class Story or School Story, please contact your child’s teacher or school leader. If the school has not resolved the issue or you have reported the content, and you still believe that inappropriate content exists on a Class Story, School Story, or your child’s student portfolio, please contact us at Please note, that we can’t remove content that may be considered an “educational record” under FERPA or “student data” under various state student privacy laws, but we will remove purely objectionable or inappropriate content if the school has not appropriately addressed this.

If you receive inappropriate content in a Message, please see these steps to report the message to ClassDojo. If you would like to block another user from having the ability to send you a message, please see these steps.

Please see here for our Acceptable Use Guidelines.

** Please note that teachers may also turn off the commenting feature on Class Story or School Story.  Please see here for more information.  Additionally, please see here for how teachers can moderate a Class Story or School Story.

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