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  1. Select “+ New class” at the top of your class list on your account’s dashboard on the left side of the screen.

  2. Enter a name for your class, select your class grade level or year, and choose your sharing points preference (the points you want parents to see in their accounts).

  3. Click the blue “Create class” button
  4. From your new class, click on the “+ Add students” tile.
  5. Enter a student's first and last name.  You'll see a drop-down menu appear. If there's a matching student in the Student Directory, you'll see a "Matches from School Directory" notice above the name of the student and the name of the last class the student was in (or the current class they are in).  Below that will be an "Add [student’s name]" option. Selecting the option with the class name will import this student from the School Directory (with parent connections), while selecting the "Add [student’s name]" option will add the student as new.  If you're connected to a school, students who are already in your School Directory should auto-populate as you enter the first few letters of their name

  6. Select “Save” when you are finished entering students

When you add students from the Directory into your class, their parent connections listed in the Directory will automatically connect your new class. If the student doesn't already have a connected parent and you need to connect parents to your new class, you can invite them by following this tutorial.

As the class creator, you are by default the "Admin" or owner of the class. This means you are the only one that can remove and add co-teachers to the class. You can transfer "ownership" over to another teacher and, as a result, become a co-teacher in the class. 



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School leaders can easily add a class on the iOS app. Please see these instructions for a step-by-step guide.  


School leaders can easily add a class on the Android app. Please see these instructions for a step-by-step guide.

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