My Teacher Can’t See My Submitted Portfolio Post

If you have submitted a Portfolio post that your teacher can’t see, you may have submitted the post to a Portfolio in a different class or to a Portfolio in a previous teacher's class that hasn't been archived!

To ensure that you are posting to the correct class, remember to select that class before submitting the post. When submitting a post on the website, you will see a class name next to the “Save” button in the upper right hand corner. On the app, at the bottom of the post you will see “Selected class: [Class Name]. If you see your class’ name, simply click “Save” on the website or the blue paper plane button on the app to submit the post to that class. If you see a different class name, click the downward-facing arrow beside the class name and switch to the correct class before submitting the post.

Please have your teacher reach out to us directly at so we can fix this issue for you as soon as possible!

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