ClassDojo Plus FAQs for Teachers (Premium Feature)

What is ClassDojo Plus?

ClassDojo Plus is an optional subscription service. Families who choose Plus get extras to reinforce growth at home, like fun learning activities and feedback points for brushing teeth, completing chores, and more. Families can see if it’s right for them with a seven-day free trial and can cancel at any time.

Will teachers ever need to pay to use ClassDojo?

You’ll always enjoy the features you rely on, like instant translation, event reminders, Points, and more, for free. ClassDojo Plus helps us keep transforming your brilliant ideas into real benefits for teachers—and it lets us offer ClassDojo to families and schools for free.

Do parents need to pay to use ClassDojo?

The free version of ClassDojo gives families everything they need to stay connected to their kids’ classroom. All families have access to direct messaging with teachers, snapshots from the school day, an easy way to view kids’ Points, and more. Subscribing to Plus is completely optional. 

What does ClassDojo Plus cost?

Families can choose an annual or monthly subscription plan. Pricing is different for each, check here for current pricing. 

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Where can families access ClassDojo Plus?

Families can subscribe on our website or in the ClassDojo app. 

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