ClassDojo Beyond School FAQs for Teachers (Premium Feature)

What is ClassDojo Beyond School?

ClassDojo Beyond School is a new way for families to bring ClassDojo home! It’s available as an optional, monthly subscription within a family’s parent account on mobile devices and tablets. Families can try it with a seven-day free trial before subscribing and can cancel at any time.

What features are available in ClassDojo Beyond School?

ClassDojo Beyond School currently includes:

  • Points: Now, families can use points to encourage positive habits and skills at home! Points given at home will not impact points given in class
  • More Report Data: With Beyond School, parents can view both Monthly and All-Time reports for their children’s active classes, in addition to the daily and weekly reports they can already see
  • Monster Creator: Kids will love personalizing an at-home monster with brand-new accessories and expressions

Will teachers or families ever need to pay to use ClassDojo?

All the ClassDojo features you know and love (e.g. Portfolios, Messaging, Class Story, Toolkit) will always be free for teachers, families, and students. ClassDojo Beyond School is something extra that we are providing for families at home, if they choose to subscribe. It’s completely optional! 

Where can families access ClassDojo Beyond School?

At any point, families can unlock a seven-day free trial to test all of the Beyond School Premium features in the ClassDojo iOS or Android app.

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