ClassDojo Beyond School FAQ

What is ClassDojo Beyond School?

ClassDojo Beyond School is a new way for families to bring the magic of ClassDojo home using a platform (and monsters!) they know and love. It’s located right inside the ClassDojo parent app and is completely optional for families.

What features are available in ClassDojo Beyond School?

  • Points: Use points to encourage positive habits and skills at home! Points given at home will not impact points given in classUpdated_Helpdesk_article_images__218__1_.png
  • Picture Download: Save photographs posted to the School and Class Story to your device's camera roll with the click of a button.
  • Goals: Set goals for your children to work on for a reward (optional) using specific skills you can customize or create!Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__227.png
  • More Report Data: View both Monthly and All-Time reports for your children’s active classes, in addition to the daily and weekly reports you can already seeUpdated_Helpdesk_article_images__226.png
  • Monster Creator: Kids will love personalizing an at-home monster with brand-new accessories and expressions. Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__228.png

Do all families have access to ClassDojo Beyond school?

ClassDojo Beyond School is currently available on iOS and Android devices in English speaking countries.

Where can families access ClassDojo Beyond School?

A free trial will be added to all ClassDojo parent accounts when it is available on your device. With the free trial, you can give 10 points and set one goal to try out our most popular Beyond School features for yourself. At any point you can unlock a, seven-day trial to test all of the Beyond School Premium features for yourself.

Does ClassDojo Beyond School cost money?

After the free, seven-day trial, ClassDojo Beyond School will be a monthly $7.99 subscription.

Will teachers or families ever need to pay to use ClassDojo?

All the ClassDojo features you know and love, including Portfolios, Messaging, Class Story, and School Story will always be free for teachers, families, and students. ClassDojo Beyond School is something extra that we’re providing for families at home, if they choose to subscribe. It’s completely optional!

What happens to the home points and reports if I delete my parent account?

All points given at home to your children are deleted if you delete your ClassDojo parent account.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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