ClassDojo Plus FAQ

What is ClassDojo Plus?

ClassDojo Plus is a new way for families to bring the magic of ClassDojo home using a platform (and monsters!) they know and love. Once you subscribe, Plus features will be available on your existing parent app. 

What features are available in ClassDojo Plus?

  • Points: Use points to encourage positive habits and skills at home. Points given at home will not impact points given in class, nor are they viewable by teachers. Skills that points can be rewarded for can be customized by subscribing parents. Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__218__1_.png
  • Goals: Pick a skill and point total so your child can earn points towards their goal.                                                            IMG_0462.PNG
  • Rewards: Customize rewards you can give your child in exchange for a certain number of points.                                                     IMG_0464.PNG
  • More Report Data: View both monthly and yearly reports for your children’s active classes, in addition to the daily and weekly reports you can already see.                                    Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__226.png
  • Monster Creator: Kids will love personalizing an at-home monster with brand-new accessories and expressions. Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__228.png
  • Memories: Enjoy unlimited photo and video storage for your child's Class Story and Portfolio pictures and videos in organized folders that are easy to access.                                                       IMG_0466.PNG

Where can families access ClassDojo Plus?

ClassDojo Plus is accessed on your iOS or Android device by following the prompts in the app to sign up for a free seven-day trial. You can also sign up for ClassDojo Plus on our website. 

Can I share my subscription?

Yes! Your subscription can be shared with up to two other parent accounts.

Can I use ClassDojo Plus features with my children who do not use ClassDojo at school?

Absolutely! If your children do not have a student account through a school, you can still add them at home and use all ClassDojo Plus features with them. 

What does ClassDojo Plus cost?

There are different subscription options including a monthly, bi-annual, and annual option. Pricing will vary depending on the option you select. Please see prices in the app when signing up for more information.

Will teachers or families ever need to pay to use ClassDojo?

All the ClassDojo features you know and love, including Portfolios, Messaging, Class Story, and School Story will always be free for teachers, families, and students. ClassDojo Plus is something extra that we’re providing for families at home, if they choose to subscribe. It’s completely optional!

What happens to the home points and reports if I delete my parent account?

All points given at home to your children are deleted if you delete your ClassDojo parent account.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! Your subscription can be canceled through the subscription plan on your device or through our website if you created your subscription that way. 

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Feel free to email us at 😊

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