What is ClassDojo Portfolios and How Does it Work?

ClassDojo Portfolios is a 100% free, digital student portfolio that allows students to share classwork with their teachers and family!  Students can add to their portfolio using Chromebooks, laptops, and iOS/Android devices. Teachers can view and approve student work on Portfolios using any device!

Students create and upload photos, videos, drawings, and journal entries through ClassDojo, and can also upload Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and image files from any laptop. Teachers can also use Activities to assign projects directly to student devices to which students can respond. For now, teachers can only create Activities using a computer.

Teachers also must approve any posts before they are shared with parents. Once approved, only parent accounts connected to their student can see those particular posts!

Students and parents can always see Portfolio posts from past school years, even if the teacher has archived or graduated their class. 

Learn more about how students can create a ClassDojo account and start uploading to their Portfolio here

Check out these great videos on how to use ClassDojo Portfolios! 



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