Ending the School Year FAQ

What happens to my parent account now that the school year is ending?

You will still have your parent account, but what you see when you log in will change. We encourage teachers to archive their classes at the end of the school year. When a teacher archives your child's class, you will no longer be connected to that class and it will not appear in your account.

You will no longer be able to see your child's points, report history, or message history with the teacher. You will, however, still be able to view previously posted Class Story and Portfolio posts. Do note that if you aren't connected to any active classes at the school, you will also not see School Story posts.

How can I see photos and videos that were shared with me this year?

You will still be able to see Class Story and Portfolio posts in your story feed when you login to your account.  

How do I download my child’s Point Report? 

Now that the year is coming to a close, you can request for your child’s teacher to send you their Point Report through our messaging tool!

You can also subscribe to Beyond School which allows you to view the past year of Point Report data as well. 

How do I download Portfolio Posts that my child has uploaded? 

You can now download both images and drawings on the app by clicking the photo and tapping the downward-facing arrow. These will go into your downloads folder within your gallery. 

You can also download files to your device via the app or on the website. Videos that your child submitted can be saved on the website by right clicking and saving as an MP4 as well. 

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