Archiving vs. Graduating the Class

Archiving a Class

Instead of deleting classes, we use an archival system. When a teacher is done with a class or no longer needs to see it on their homepage, they can “Archive” the class. This hides the points and messaging channels for that class from the parents connected to the class, however, the story history for the class and Portfolios posts will remain in the parents' and students' accounts. The students in that class remain in the School Directory so that other teachers in your school will then be able to add them (and their parent connections) from the Directory to their new class. 

*Note: If all the classes a parent is connected to are archived, the parent will no longer see the School Story posts on their story feed.

Graduating a Class

If students will be leaving the school (like moving from elementary to middle school) or leaving temporarily, you can “Graduate” the class.

Graduating a class will do two things: 1) Archive the class and 2) Graduate all the students in the class. When a student is Graduated, they are moved to the bottom of your student list in the Directory and although they cannot be added to any classes by teachers, they still count in your overall total number of students in your Directory. Also, as a result of being graduated, the student's connected parents will no longer see the School Story

Parent connections are closed and Messaging with the teacher is disabled. Old Class Story and Portfolio posts will remain in the parent’s account.

Please note: When a class is graduated, the class is archived plus all the students in the class are graduated. Parents connected to only a graduated student will no longer see School Story posts. Parents must be connected to at least one active class in the School Directory to see posts on the School Story. 



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