For Tutors: Goal Based Learning

Kids LOVE to complete goals! Getting reward and praise will help drive their passion for learning. Create goals with your learners and families that flow well together. 

Remember, goals don't necessarily have to be academic. 

Three goals should be set up during the learner’s first recurring class. Involve the family and the kid when making goals to ensure everyone is aligned with the content that will be the focus of each class. Goals can also be used to help build additional skills like confidence, growth mindset, or social skills! A great example of goals would be:

  • 🏆 Memorize my sight words
  • 🏆 Practice decoding to read new words
  • 🏆 Stay focused for the full 25 minute tutoring session

Goals should be displayed and reviewed at the beginning of every class. Use this fun tracker to make this as easy as possible. 


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