For Tutors: Dojo Tutor Portal Walkthrough

Logging In

To log into your Dojo Tutor portal you will use your email and password. When you log in for the first time, your password will be 12345678. You can change this password by clicking “Click here” below the login button. 

Dojo Tutor log in link:

Classes Calendar

The first thing you see when you log into your portal is your Classes Calendar. This is where you can see which kids you will be working with each day. This will always show times in your time zone. Remember that classes are finalized by 9pm ET the night before. So, if you look at a schedule for a few days in the future, there may still be some changes made up until the night before. 

When clicking on a kid’s name, a window will pop up. Here you can see some additional details the family may have provided. This is also where you will join your classes from using the “Join Zoom” button. 

💡Pro Tip: Remember to only join classes from the Zoom client and not the web version of Zoom. It is also a great idea to check each morning to see if Zoom has any updates. 


The next tab is your availability tab. Here is where you will set your schedule and request time off. You can learn more about setting your availability here.


The third tab is your Profile tab. Here is where your name, profile photo, and bio are entered. You can edit this anytime by clicking “Edit profile”. Please make sure that your name is entered and not a nickname like Ms. B. Also, your profile image should be a portrait style photo of yourself, please refrain from using bitmoji images or family photos. 

Your bio is generated during your Introduction Session using the Bio Buddy, but you may make edits here as well. 

To get your Profile Page link, simply click “Copy your Profile page link”. This will copy the link to your clipboard and you can then share it with your community. 

Clicking “Edit profile” allows you to make all the necessary changes you need. This is also where you can select which grades and subjects you would like to offer tutoring services for.

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