How to Delete a Message Sent by a Family Member

We are here to make sure your messages are a safe and secure place. If you receive a message from a family member that needs to be removed, you can easily delete it from the ClassDojo website. Please note: This cannot be done from the app at this time.

To delete a message:

  1. Log into your account from the website
  2. Open your class and messages
  3. Navigate to the message you need to delete
  4. Hover your mouse over the message until the three dots (...) appear to the right of the message
  5. Click the three dots and select "Delete"
  6. Confirm deletion from the pop-up that appears

This will remove the message from view for both you and the family. When you download your message history, this message will still be included with a note that it has been deleted. Families will not see this message when they download their message history. 


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