Best Practices for Using ClassDojo

Welcome to the ClassDojo community, a collection of teachers, parents, and students who are passionate about making a positive impact in classrooms, schools, and communities around the world. The community believes that incorporating these four best practices will make your classroom an incredible place for students:

Focus on creating a positive culture

  • Classrooms are full of positivity! Teachers use regular, positive feedback to encourage students and give them recognition for their efforts and progress.
  • We recommend extreme caution when giving "Needs work" feedback to a child and suggest discussing it privately or with parents rather than showing it to all students in the class.

Foster a student-driven classroom

  • Students decide on class values together, discussing skills they believe are the most important to their classroom community and encouraging them through ClassDojo.
  • Students take ownership of their learning by creating posts to their Portfolios that showcase their growth throughout the school year. They love posting their work for their parents to see and reflecting on their progress!

Keep your door open to families

  • Teachers keep parents in the loop! From photos of students working together to videos of class projects, teachers love sharing these moments home with parents.
  • Teachers and parents are on the same team, collaborating on how they can help students thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Collaborate with others

  • Classrooms work together as part of the school community to encourage shared school values and share school-wide moments home.
  • Teachers collaborate with one another, helping colleagues in their school and in other schools create amazing classrooms, too.

Thank you for being a part of the ClassDojo community. Let’s do something incredible together!

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