What is a ClassDojo Ambassador?


ClassDojo Ambassadors are passionate educators who believe in the power of community! They have a desire to share ideas, collaborate, and help improve education from the ground up.

Being a ClassDojo Ambassador goes beyond sharing how ClassDojo has changed your classroom. It’s a year-long opportunity spent learning about innovative teaching approaches, developing new leadership skills, and sharing that wealth of knowledge with like-minded educators.

As part of ClassDojo’s extended team, Ambassadors receive the ClassDojo Community Team’s full support in their work. There are a limited number of spots open each year, and each Ambassador is hand-selected by the ClassDojo Team.

Applying to become a ClassDojo Ambassador is limited to current and former ClassDojo Mentors, having already shown the ability to lead professional development within their school.

ClassDojo Ambassador applications will open each August! 

If you have any questions we are more than happy to help, please drop us an email at hello@classdojo.com! 

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