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To help make it easier managing classes, especially in cases a teacher leaves, you can transfer your class to another teacher via the website.  

In order to transfer a class:

  1. You must be the class owner
  2. The individual you'd like to transfer to must also be a verified member of your school
  3. The individual you'd like to transfer to must already be a co-teacher (Learn more about sharing a class here) 

Transfer your Class:

  1. Log into the website
  2. Find the class you'd like to transfer and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the tile and select “Add co-teachers.”  Note: Don't open the class, just click on the gear icon on the class tile of your dashboard to access the drop-down menu  Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__4.JPG
  3. Under "Co-teachers," find the teacher you'd like to own the class and click on the downward arrow
  4. Select "Make Owner" Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__5.JPG

You're all set!  The class has a new owner, and you're set as a co-teacher.  If you'd like to leave the shared class once this is complete, please see instructions on how to leave here.

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