What is School Directory?

School Directory allows verified teachers to add students to a school-wide school directory, as well as add those students (and their parents) to multiple classes across the school.  

School Directory eliminates the need to send home multiple parent codes for a student enrolled in multiple ClassDojo classes.  Parents now only need to connect to ClassDojo once, so long as teachers import students from Directory into their classes.  

We've already added students from the 2015-2016 school year with connected parents to your school's Directory, and you can add more students by creating new classes, manually adding names, or by uploading your whole-school roster.  

Please remember that only verified teachers will have their students added to Directory.  Teachers must also have been verified at the time of the class creation in order to have their students auto-added to Directory. If you're not seeing your students in Directory, but would like them added, please drop us a line at

School Directory can be accessed via the Web, and on the latest version of our iOS and Android apps. 

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