What Can School Leaders See and Do?

A School Leader is a Principal, Vice-Principal, or other individual who is responsible for leading or managing school operations.  School Leader accounts have all the functionality of a teacher account, plus they can track engagement and manage their student roster and staff list in the School Directory.


From the Home tab, you can view School Insights to see how engaged a school community is on ClassDojo. These boxes include information on the number of messages sent to families, photos and videos shared, and the school-wide positive feedback percentage. The larger bolder number on top is the count for the current week and the number in smaller font underneath is the total from the previous week.




School Leaders can access teachers’ classes in the Directory or by having teachers share their classes with them. You can also request to join any class owned by a teacher that is connected to your school. Please see this guide for more on how to do that.


Furthermore, verified School Leaders can manage their School Directory, including:

-Approving and declining teacher requests to join your School

-Invite new teachers to join your school

-Removing teachers that are no longer at your school and transferring ownership of their active classes to another teacher

-Adding any verified teacher as a co-teacher to any class in your Directory

-Adding, Merging, and Removing students

-Graduating students and adding them back

-Request a teacher be given the Mentor role or change who is in the Mentor role

-Request a teacher's message history with a specific parent or with all parents in a specific class

-Request changes to your school's name, address, or domain


Plus, they can post to and moderate the School Story, a feature that verified teachers and School Leaders can use to share updates, important messages, and photos and videos from around the school with all of the connected parents in the school.


We're always working to better understand and provide features for our School Leaders, so feel free to write in with requests or ideas!  You can reach us via email at schoolleaders@classdojo.com

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