For Tutors: Observation Process FAQs

Here you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about the observation process and the next steps that can be requested based on the observation results.

1. Why do we observe classes?

    • Ensuring excellence: Every student deserves a consistent, high-quality learning experience. These observations let us work together to deliver a top-notch experience to our students and parents.
    • Helping you grow: Observing classes lets us identify opportunities for growth. We believe in nurturing a culture of continuous learning that helps our tutors reach their full potential.
    • Adhering to Dojo Standards: We value each tutor’s unique style. And it’s crucial that a few fundamental Dojo guidelines are followed. This ensures a cohesive learning experience for every student.

2. How will I know my class was observed?

  • If a class you taught was observed, you'll get an email from Jess with detailed feedback, including where you excelled, areas of potential improvement and next steps you should take if needed.

3. When will my classes be observed?

  • One of your first 10 classes will be observed, starting your observation journey. Once you’ve received your initial observation feedback and score, you’ll be observed again in 15 days, 30 days, or 90 days according to the result. Observations are ongoing and done throughout your tenure as a Dojo Tutor. 

4. What are the different zones I can land in based on my observation?

  • There are 5 different zones a tutor can land in according to their observation score. The zones are: Super Mojo’s Zone, Mojo’s Zone, Katie’s Zone, Mrs. Warren’s Zone, and Mr. Stache’s Zone. You can learn more about each zone here.  

5. Am I required to take a training session after a class observation?

  • If you score in Mr. Stache’s Zone, you’ll be required to attend training. Trainings are offered a few nights each week and are intended to support your growth as a tutor. If you fail to schedule your mandatory training within the 7 days after you received your observation feedback, unfortunately, we’ll need to terminate your contract.
    • If you missed your training due to an emergency (accident, power outage, health issue), please contact Jess Gennarelli at ASAP to reschedule.
  • If you score in Mrs. Warren’s Zone, you’re welcome to attend a training if you feel it would be helpful, but it’s not mandatory.

6. How are classes observed?

  • Classes are observed via class recordings. All classes are recorded for safety and quality assurance and are permanently deleted after 14 days. A Dojo Tutor Quality representative will not join your class to perform live observations.

7. Who has access to my observation records?

  • Your observation records are accessed and monitored by Jess and the Dojo Tutor Quality Team. They are not shared with the public, kids, or families.

8. Who can I contact about my observation?

  • Please contact Customer Support at for more information about your observation. If you require additional support, the Customer Support team will be happy to put you in touch with Jess, the Tutor Quality Lead. 

9. How are observation scores calculated?

  • Observation scores are calculated using the rubric below. Tutors can receive Excellent, Acceptable, Not acceptable in each of the following categories.

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