How teachers can share classes with school leaders

With Shared Classes, principals, vice principals, counselors and other school leaders can also encourage students and engage parents!

All reports will reflect which teacher or school leader gave the points, and school leaders can individually message parents (but messages are private and other teachers/school leaders cannot see these!)

Here are step-by-step instructions for a teacher to share a class with a school leader:

  1. Log into ClassDojo on the Teacher website (note: this feature cannot be set up via the ClassDojo app at this time) at

  2. Find the class to share, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the class tile and select "Share Class"

  3. Type the email of the schoolleader you want to connect to the class and press "Invite"

  4. The school staff member will receive an email asking them to login and accept the invitation to connect.

Click on the three dot menu option on the class tile and select "Share Class."


Enter your colleague's email address to send a share invite

By sharing a class with a school staff member, they will be able to:

  • Give points under their name
  • View student reports
  • Reset point bubbles
  • Use ClassDojo Messaging with all connected parents
  • Post to Class Story under their name
  • Add, edit, and delete students
  • ...and everything else you can do with your class!

Teachers connected to your class will not be able to:

  • Send messages under your name
  • Connect other teachers to your class
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