How Teachers Can Share Classes with School Leaders

With shared classes, principals, vice principals, counselors, and other school leaders can also encourage students and engage parents!

When a teacher shares a class with a school leader they will be able to view and print reports for those classes. A full student report will include the name of the teacher or school leader who gave the points. A downloadable spreadsheet features point and attendance totals.

School leaders can also individually message parents connected to a class shared with them. All messages will be private between the parent and the school leader. Other teachers in the class will not see your messages with a parent and school leaders will not have access to messages sent by the teacher. 

Please Note: Sharing must be done by the class owner.  School leaders cannot initiate a share and will need teachers to do this from their own accounts.  Below is a step-by-step tutorial you can pass to your teachers on how to share a class with you!

For Successful Sharing:

-Double check that you're inviting the same email address your colleague used to register with us. 

-Make sure that your colleague knows to accept the share via the website.  They cannot accept via the app at this time.

Setting Up a Class Share:

  1. Log into the website (you cannot share or accept shares from the app)

  2. Find the class you want to share and click the gear icon in the top right corner of the class tile  

  3. Select "Add co-teachers"                Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__4.JPG

  4. Type the email of the teacher you want to share with, or find their name in the verified teacher list below the entry line and click "Invite"

  5. The teacher you invite will receive an email asking them to accept the invite by clicking on the "Accept" link, or log into the website and click on the "Accept” button on the class tile that will have appeared on their account dashboard

Please Note: If your colleague doesn't receive your invitation to share your class, please double-check the sharing screen and confirm that it says "Connection Pending." This means they should see an invitation to share on their ClassDojo dashboard so they can check there instead of use the email.  If it says "Invitation Sent," you've entered an email address for your colleague that isn't linked to their ClassDojo account, so instead of receiving an invitation to share your class, they'll receive an invitation to join ClassDojo.


Teachers connected to your class will be able to:

  • Give points under their name
  • View student reports
  • Reset point bubbles
  • Use ClassDojo Messaging with all connected parents
  • Add, edit, and delete students
  • ...and everything else you can do with your class!

Teachers connected to your class will not be able to:

  • Send ClassDojo Messages under your name
  • Connect other teachers to your class

Please Note: Any changes made to a shared class will affect all users.  For example, if one co-teacher resets the point bubbles, it will reset the bubbles for all users.

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