How Can School Leaders/Admins Access all the Classes in the School?

There are three ways that a School Leader account or Admin can join all the classes created at their school:

  1. School Leaders and Admins can create each class at the beginning of the year. They can stay the class owner and share the class with teachers (by inviting the teachers to be co-teachers) or transfer ownership of the class to a teacher and, by default, become a co-teacher in the class.
  2. School Leaders and Admins can add their account as a co-teacher to each active class listed in their Directory. Go to the "Classes" tab and click on the gray arrow to the right of the class name and select "Add Co-teacher". Then select your own name.




3. Lastly, School Leaders can also use their left-side class menu to browse other classes at their school and send a request to the owner of the class to join it. School Leaders will see all of their own classes and classes shared with them listed on the left side of the screen under “My Classes.”




As a co-teacher, the School Leader or Admin, will be able to:

  • Award points to students in the class under their name
  • View and print student reports
  • Reset point bubbles
  • Use ClassDojo Messaging with all connected parents privately
  • Add, edit, and delete students
  • Post to the Class Story under their name
  • View and approve students’ Portfolio posts



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