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At this time, we don't have a formal feature that allows you to transfer a student from one class to another. However, we do have some features in place to help with this process. Please note that this will not transfer points with the student!  You'll need to follow the steps below to save and re-enter points if you'd like them to move with the student into their new class.

Step One: Download the student's report

  1. Open your class
  2. Click on the "Options" button on the right, then “View Reports"
  3. Set the date range to "All Time" using the drop down menu (defaults to "This Week")
  4. Click the blue "Print" button on the right side of the screen
  5. Select the student you'd like to print a report for and check the "Include detailed reports..." box at the bottom of the pop up screen
  6. Click the blue "Print Reports" button Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__22__1_.JPG

Step Two: Add the student to his/her new class

In this step, you'll add the student to their new class by importing them from the School Directory.  This will bring their parent connections with them. Note: In order to import a student to your class from the School Directory, you must be a verified teacher and the student must be in Directory.  If you're having issues, you can either add-as-new and reconnect the parent or contact us at for help!

  1. Open the class the student is going to be moved into
  2. Click on the "+ Add students" tile to add a new student
  3. Start typing the student's name to see a drop-down menu appear with matching students
  4. You'll see the student's name with their most recent class in parenthesis, as well as an "Add (student name)."  Clicking on the student name with the class next to it (or pressing Enter) will add the student from the School Directory.  Clicking on "Add (student name)" will add them as new, and parent connections will not be imported into the new class. Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__8__1_.JPG
  5. Click "Save"


Step Three: Add points from the old class

  1. Open your class
  2. Click on the student and award points as you normally would to re-add them

Step Four: Remove the student from their old class

  1. Open the student's old class
  2. Click on "Options," then on "Edit class"
  3. From the “Students” tab, find the student and click on their avatar tile
  4. Click on "Remove student from class"
  5. Confirm the removal by clicking on "Remove student" Updated_Helpdesk_article_images__19__1_.JPG


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Transferring a student to another class is easy on the web! This feature is not currently available on the ClassDojo iOS app.


Transferring a student to another class is easy on the web! This feature is not currently available on the ClassDojo Android app.

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