What is a ClassDojo Mentor?

ClassDojo Mentors are verified teachers who love ClassDojo! Mentors are extended members of the ClassDojo team. They share helpful feedback with us and share ClassDojo with other teachers in their schools and communities. 

Mentors, along with verified School Leaders, are able to: 

  • Verify new teachers and staff so they can connect to their School’s Directory
  • Manage their School Directory  
  • Moderate the School Story

Accepting the role of a Mentor also means the teacher will:

  • Work with other teachers in their school to figure out the best way to use ClassDojo
  • Help our ClassDojo team test features before they get released to everyone else
  • Be a leader in their community and educate colleagues about ClassDojo and what's new
  • Present ClassDojo to other educators in their local community

My school doesn’t have a mentor

We want to set schools up for success and are happy to help teachers and School Leaders get a Mentor(s) set up for their school! If your school does not have a Mentor, and you would like to nominate yourself or another teacher, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you in getting your school set up! 

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