What is a ClassDojo Mentor?

ClassDojo Mentors are verified teachers who love ClassDojo! Mentors are extended members of the ClassDojo team. 🤗

Though many Mentors also have Admin rights enabled, Mentors are not granted Admin capabilities by default. You can see whether your Mentor also has Admin rights by looking for the "Admin" label beside their name. Mentors who do not have Admin rights are not able to make changes to the Directory or School Story.

Being a Mentor gives teachers a chance to get MORE! Access to Mentor Missions, testing out new features, a dedicated community in our Mentor Facebook group, plus opportunities to earn exclusive Mentor swag. Being a Mentor is all about sharing the ClassDojo love with your school community. 💖

Accepting the role of a Mentor means the teacher will:

  • Connect with other inspiring Mentors from around the world 🌎
  • Get early access to new features 🎉
  • Receive the highest level of support straight from our team 💞
  • Have endless opportunities to score limited-edition swag 😎 
  • Be invited to exclusive ClassDojo events 🎫

Mentors with Admin rights enabled can:

  • Invite new teachers and staff to connect to their school
  • Accept or deny requests from teachers to join their school
  • Remove teachers from their school
  • Remove/add and edit students from their School Directory 
  • Add any verified teacher as a co-teacher to any class in the Directory
  • Help moderate the School Story

My school doesn’t have a mentor

We want to set schools up for success, and choosing a teacher to be in the Mentor role will do just that! If your school does not have a Mentor, and you would like to nominate yourself or another teacher, please contact us at mentors@classdojo.com, and we will be happy to assist in getting a teacher set up in this role!

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