What happens when a student account becomes inactive?

Student accounts are considered "inactive" when all of the following are true:

  • Neither the student nor the student's parent(s) have logged into their account in 365 days
  • A teacher and the student's parent(s) have not communicated using ClassDojo Messaging in 365 days
  • A teacher has not given any feedback points to the student in any class in 365 days

If all of these are true, then the student account will be deleted.

When deleting a ClassDojo student account, the student’s username, password, device tokens, IP address and custom avatar will be deleted. If the student account is connected to feedback points older than 365 days, those feedback points will be deleted, unless at least one parent account is still connected to those points. Remaining feedback points will continue to expire on an on-going basis as they each hit 365 days of age (unless a parent account is connected to these points).

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