What are unique student codes?

Student codes allow a student to create an account and review their feedback points (or Dojo points) and customize his/her avatar safely and privately. All student codes are 7 characters long, and begin with the letter “S.” Teachers can provide student codes to their students by printing them out and distributing them in class. Students can then create their unique accounts (if a new ClassDojo user) by entering this code on the mobile app, or at, or by adding the code to their existing account.

These codes are randomly and uniquely generated for every student, and they do not expire. For each class that a student is a member of, he/she will have a different and unique access code, providing them access to their feedback points in that specific teacher’s class.

Students can choose to add each of their codes to the same account, or create a new account for each code. Please note that when added to the same account, all teacher feedback will be displayed in one report.

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