What are feedback points?

To give encouragement in the classroom, teachers can award students with feedback points (also known as Dojo points). Teachers can customize the feedback types to any skill they like, such as “grit” or “curiosity.” A student and their parents can view all the feedback points they received by creating a student account using the unique access code provided by their teacher. These codes can only be passed out by the teacher. They cannot view other students’ feedback points unless the teacher chooses to project the class (for example, with a Smartboard or interactive whiteboard), then other students in the class will be able to see aggregated total points of other students.

Parents may not see all feedback points awarded by the teacher in school if the teacher has elected not to show these.

ClassDojo sets limits on how long feedback points on student profiles are retained. For all students, feedback points older than 365 days are automatically deleted. For example, if a teacher sets up a class on ClassDojo on January 1, 2021, unless students or parents create accounts, on January 1, 2022, any feedback points given in that class on or before January 1, 2021 would be deleted. 

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