What is ClassDojo Messaging?

ClassDojo Messaging is a wonderful, instant, and safe way for a teacher and a parent to privately communicate with each other. Parents and teachers can read and respond to messages from the website, or from the mobile app. In addition to sending messages, teachers are also able to send photos, stickers, and voice notes to parents. The content of all messages (including photos, stickers and voice notes) are stored by ClassDojo.

All messages are sent within the ClassDojo service, are encrypted (sent over HTTPS using 128-bit TLS), and do not employ SMS. When a teacher or parent receives a message, they will be notified with an email and/or a push notification on their phone. They must then log into their account to view the message and respond to it.

Many school districts require that all communications between teachers and parents are documented for safety and/or compliance reasons. Thus, ClassDojo messages cannot be permanently deleted by either the teacher or the parent. 

For record keeping purposes, teachers can download and print their messaging conversations with a parent by accessing their account through the ClassDojo website (Read how). District administrators can also request messaging histories (plus Class/School/Student Story posts) by emailing These messages are private between the teacher and parent, unless a teacher or parent chooses to print and share these messages outside the service. The ClassDojo team does not read, review or analyze messages sent on the service. ClassDojo may, however, employ techniques to scan messages for security reasons such as preventing attacks on our service. If a district would like to access these messages or content, or to have them deleted, please contact us at

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