What are unique parent codes?

A parent code is a unique and random set of numbers and letters that establishes a safe and private connection between the parent and their child’s teacher within a parent account. Each parent code is 7 characters long and begins with the letter “P.” Teachers can provide this code to parents by either downloading and printing them out or emailing an invitation directly to the parent.

Using their unique parent code, parents can create a new ClassDojo account by entering their code on the website here or on the app. A parent code can also be added to an existing parent account. Each parent code is unique to a student’s profile for a particular class. So if the student has multiple classes, a parent will need a parent code for each class using ClassDojo.

The same parent code can be used by multiple parents or guardians to connect with their child’s teacher and student profile.

As an alternative to sending out parent codes, a teacher can also connect with parents by using a parent’s email address to send out email invitations to join ClassDojo and view their child’s report.

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