Not Receiving Friday Student Reports

Weekly email reminders to log into your parent account to check updated reports are sent out Friday afternoons.

If you have not been receiving these emails on Fridays, it likely means you have either been unsubscribed from the ClassDojo mailing list, the email ended up in your Spam inbox (or another separate inbox, such as Promotions or Social), or that your student hasn't received points for the week (you'll only receive report reminders on weeks that your child has been awarded points). You may also want to double check that the email address on your account is correct, and that your email provider is not blocking emails from ClassDojo.

Keep in mind that the email is simply a reminder, and you can always view your child's Report by logging in on the website, or on the iOS/Android app.

If you continue having trouble receiving email reminders, please send us a help request at

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