Using ClassDojo as a Teacher and a Parent

We know that many teachers are also parents, and may want to have both types of accounts.

At this time, app users will need to create two different accounts under two unique email addresses. There's no way to log into two accounts under the same email address via the app. 

For website users, we have a new feature that allows you to login as a parent or teacher using the same email address, but from the parent and teacher websites respectively.  As noted above, this is not currently available on the app.  

Teachers can sign up for an account, or sign into their accounts here

Parents can sign up for an account, or sign into their accounts here

Using the sites above, you can use the same email address to create a teacher and parent account, and then sign into those accounts through those same pages.  

An example of how this works:  If you'd like to enter your parent account, you'll go to the parent website, then enter your login email and password to sign in.  You'll be brought to your parent page.  However, if you attempt to enter your parent account from the teacher sign in page, you'll be directed to your teacher account instead.  



  1. I'm a web and app user.  What will happen when I want to use the app?   This feature is not currently available on the app, so logging into the app will direct you to the oldest of your accounts.  For example, if you created your teacher account in 2015, and your parent account in 2017 with the same email address you registered your teacher account to, your app login will send you to your teacher account.  There is no way to log into your newer parent account from the app unless you create a parent account with a unique email.
  2. Will you be creating this feature for the app?  That's definitely the goal!  Feel free to reach out with feedback on this new feature.  We're excited to hear how things go!


If you would like to delete your existing teacher account, or have any questions or comments on this feature, please submit a request here.  

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