ClassDojo Messaging Overview for Parents

ClassDojo Messaging helps teachers and parents safely and privately communicate with each other in real time.

Our messaging feature is similar to Facebook Messaging. As long as you have internet access, you can use ClassDojo Messaging!

How to turn on ClassDojo Messaging

Messaging is already a part of your ClassDojo Parent Account. You can access it from your ClassDojo iOS or Android app, or by logging in from the web here.

On the website and apps you'll see a “Messages” tab where you can select a teacher, then view and compose messages.

When I respond to a teacher, is it private?

All messages sent by parents on ClassDojo Messaging can only be viewed by the teacher. No other parent (even your child's other parent or guardians) can view your messages.

Obtaining a Full Messaging History:

If you would like a full message history to be downloaded, you'll need to ask your teacher to send one to you. You can also request a message history from the ClassDojo team at

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