Skills Are Not Saving

Let's get this figured out for you!  Here are a few things to check:

  1. Check and make sure you are not attempting to add a skill with the same name as another skill. Even if one is positive and one is negative, all skills must have a unique name.

  2. Can you recreate this issue from your account when using the latest version of Google Chrome? - (this is the most powerful browser and will run our site the best). 

  3. If you're using the iOS or Android app, check your WiFi or data connection, and ensure that you are currently connected to the Internet.  Try switching between WiFi and data to get the best, strongest connection. Try awarding points from your laptop or desktop to help distinguish between connection issues and app issues.

If you try each of these things and are still having issues saving skills, try and recreate this issue from home. Try to use the same device you use at school, if possible.  If you're using a school computer, testing from a home computer will work as well.  This will help rule out any issues with your school's firewall accidentally blocking access to our site.

If none of these solve the issue, please submit a request here and we'll get back to you ASAP.  

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