How to Collaborate with Other Teachers

This advice is from Jennifer A., a teacher in Kansas 

"I was the first teacher in my grade to use ClassDojo. It really was a turning point in my profession, however I realized that because my students were with me the whole day, they weren't hearing consistent feedback and positive encouragement from other teachers or even my teaching assistant! My students rotated between myself, an art teacher, and a music teacher. Plus, a few of my students are on IEPs which need to be reviewed regularly by an adviser.

Earlier this year, I invited my all of these teachers and advisers to join my class on ClassDojo. ClassDojo has a "Shared Class" feature, which allows multiple teachers to give feedback within a class. On the Reports, it shows which teacher gave the feedback, plus each teacher can message with each parent privately if needed. There's even a handout I can give the other teachers so they know all about sharing classes.. The adviser who needs to review Reports for IEPs is happy too, because they have access to the information they need anytime. Plus, my teaching assistant has taken over ClassDojo duties and so I can focus on what I do best, teach! :)"

How to Introduce ClassDojo to Teachers / Principals

"I have held staff development events within my school, and across the county introducing CD. My advice would definitely be to first ask a supervisor if it is okay for you to share it. Typically they will tell you the best route to go about doing it. The first thing I do is always let them watch the little 2 minute video that's on the ClassDojo website, the adults love it as much as the students! Then I give a brief overview of what you can do with CD. There is also a resources page on the CD website that has tons of handouts. I believe they also have a presentation that you can use and change how you see fit. At the end of every staff development, I allow teachers the time to set up their accounts, so it is imperative that they bring class lists, and that you are available for questioning. I'd be happy to provide resources too if you need them!" - Carol M.

"I presented ClassDojo at a faculty meeting 2 years ago, but I was not successful getting others on board. I realized that it would be much better received and understood if some of my co-workers could have the opportunity to see it in action in my classroom and see how engaged my students are with CD. I teach at a Pre-K through 8th grade school. It's not unrealistic to have a different teacher sit in your class at the beginning of the school year to see how effective ClassDojo can be!" - Sarah B.

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