Keep Students Excited about ClassDojo

Here are three great ideas from different teachers who have had great success with ClassDojo:

From Kyle A.:

Here are my five tips to keep students excited about ClassDojo, and I promise they work!

  1. I used a lot of ClassDojo décor from the pack that was released in spring 2013. This made it clear "our classroom is a ClassDojo classroom."
  2. I printed off kids' created avatars (copy, paste into Word or other Doc program, enlarge to 7" or so height) and displayed them together at the front of the room. They were able to add physical "Dojo Gear" as part of our rewards system. Basically, this was clip art that I found free online. I offered stuff based on the seasons: pumpkin, bats, spiders for October, etc.
  3. THE KEY: be consistent in using Dojo. Reward points several times a day, each and every day. Use Random to catch kids doing good, or skip them if they aren't. This creates instant best-Feedback Type from the rest!
  4. Another important point: points need to mean something. We have a weekly Dojo Store, with tiers of prizes available. More points, more choices. Vary the prizes from week-to-week.
  5. Invite parents to ClassDojo ASAP, maybe even at Back To School Night. They will get weekly reports, and involved parents can, and will, check on points throughout the day, and even ask things like, "Can you let me know in what way [child] was disrespectful so I can talk with her?" Also, with Messaging, I can send quick messages to parents throughout the day, sharing positive news or even photos.

Once kids see that you value the program, will use it all the time, that it is much better to earn than lose points, and that their parents are also connected to the program, it can be magic from Day 1 to the very last day of school.

From Megan H.:

I have a SMART board in my classroom, and start every day by students checking themselves in using the Attendance feature. I also allow my 5th grade students to give themselves points for Feedback Types earned (positive or negative) during small group time. This has helped keep them involved and responsible for their Feedback Types. They enjoy earning positive points and also reflect on their negative Feedback Types. It keeps them involved in the learning process.

I also do daily and weekly percentage goals awards. The daily goals are time earned at recess (75% and above earn the full recess; anything below 75% they have a consequence). Weekly goals are a trip to the great box and a homework pass.

From Rachel H.:

I would say first and foremost the students will only be as excited about it as you are. Understand that there will be some kids who just don't continue to "love" it. Remember why you are using ClassDojo. What is it trying to promote in your classroom? When I started using it, I wanted to make sure that I was finding a way to award the kids that would normally be overlooked, but were always doing the right things. Even if I have kids that don't "care" about ClassDojo, I think back to the ones I started using it for. What kind of encouragement do your kids get? How often do they get this encouragement? Give them a reason to "buy into it.” As many of the other replies said, be consistent. Make it an important part of your classroom.

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