Teacher Tips on Using Some of ClassDojo's Most Popular Features

Here are some of the most popular ways to use ClassDojo's features to engage your students:


"Any situation that requires me to 'pick' a student is reason to use the random feature. Even running an errand to the office is reason enough to use the random feature. It keeps the process of picking someone completely unbiased. And, it is so much fun to watch the kids hoping it is them, almost like a game show!" - Angela K.

Award Multiple

"I definitely use the Award Multiple button quite often. I use this to award attendance points when they arrive to school on time, and when the class is having a great day!" - Tamara R.


"The Timer feature is a great visual tool when students are all working in cooperative groups or teams. I set a time and let the timer count down so students know how much time they have left to complete the task." - Jennifer R.


"Commenting on a student's ClassDojo Report is a useful tool for documenting issues that a parent and/or administrator should be informed about. The comment section also allows parents to get involved and ask questions about their child based on teacher's comments. Of course, it is great for parent conferences too since all the information is right in front of you, no more surprises for anyone!" - Jennifer R.


"Messaging is effective in sending quick messages to parents throughout the day. Some students even pose for pictures to be sent to parents. Love that feature!
We use Messaging to inform parents about both concerns and celebrations! Parents have commented on how they love receiving periodic messages about their children." - Matt R.

Reset Bubbles

"I reset points every week rather than everyday so that students can reflect at the end of the week." - Lauren T.

Weighted Feedback Types

"The weight Feedback Types feature lets me really focus in on the key Feedback Types I want to see in the class, and I've noticed the kids are now trying extra hard to earn them. Sometimes I even let the kids choose which Feedback Types I weigh, and in some cases, and that gives them extra motivation." - Michael A.

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