How do I use my parent code? Can it be used more than once?

  • What is a parent code?  How do I use it?

Parent codes are unique to each child and allow a parent to connect with their child's teacher on ClassDojo. Parent codes are 7 characters long and start with the letter “P.”

Parent codes can only be obtained from your child's teacher, so if you haven't received a parent code, please reach out directly to the teacher to obtain yours!

Once you have your unique parent code, you can create your account from our iOS or Android App or on the web here.

By connecting with your child's teacher on ClassDojo, you can view how your child is doing in class, and also privately communicate with his or her teacher using the messaging section of your ClassDojo account.

  • Want to connect two or more parents/caregivers?

Parent codes are reusable, so a parent code can be used by as few as one parent or guardian, or can be used by as many parent/guardians as you or your teacher would like!  This is great for parents who are separated, divorced, or kids with multiple caregivers who all want access.

All of the parent accounts linked to a code are both separate and private. All connected parents can view the child's points, as well as any pictures or videos that the teacher posts to Class Story.  However, any messages exchanged between one account holder and the teacher are private.  

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