Student Cannot Log Into Account - View Student Username and Generate Password

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If you have a student who cannot log into their student account, it's likely they have forgotten either their username or their password.

Luckily, as a teacher, you have access to each student's username, and can generate a temporary password the student can use to access their account, and reset their password.

    1. Open the class the student who is having login issues is in
    2. Click on the “ View Reports” tab
    3. Click on the “Student Accounts” tab located on the left under the “Connections” heading
    4. Scroll down to find the student who needs their username
    5. Next to the student's name will be their login username
    6. If the student has forgotten their password, click on the “Forgot Password” link located under the student's username

This will give the student a temporary password to use to both access their account and then reset the password.



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