For Tutors: Dojo Tutor FAQ for Tutors

General Info

Which grade levels and subjects do you offer?

We work with kids from PreK through 9th grade in math, reading, and writing. We’re looking forward to adding more subjects—stay tuned! 

Do you provide a preset curriculum for sessions?

Nope! We trust your expertise in tailoring lessons to each learner’s needs. We offer flexible guidelines that let your creativity shine.  

The only time we’ll ask you to use specific materials is during the first session, and for the written assessment you’ll complete afterwards. 

Where do classes take place?

All tutoring sessions take place on Zoom. (Being comfy with Zoom is an important part of being a Dojo tutor!) You’ll access your sessions through the Dojo Tutor website; you don’t need your own  Zoom account, but you do need to have the app installed on your laptop.


What qualifications do I need to tutor with Class Dojo?

Our tutors have experience helping kids make learning breakthroughs and love getting them to that “ah-ha” moment. They’re tech-savvy and confident with online teaching tools. 

Certification in at least one of the following is required:- Elementary education

- Secondary education

- Special education

- Early childhood education

Where can I teach from?

Tutors can teach from anywhere in the U.S. with a fast, reliable Internet connection. Your space should be:

  • Private—please avoid public spaces like cafes
  • Quiet and free from background noise (i.e., barking dogs, TV noise, boisterous kids)
  • Professional and uncluttered (a home office or classroom is ideal)

What equipment do I need?

You’ll need to use a laptop or desktop computer. Phones, tablets, and Chromebooks will not provide access to the right features in Zoom, or great a good teaching environment for families.

What’s the application process like?

Quick and easy!

  1. Submit your written application - You’ll share your personal details and a brief description of your teaching experience. It takes just a few minutes to complete— access it here.

  2. Record interview videos - Once your written application is approved, we’ll ask you to record a few short videos. These give our team a sense of how you’ll structure lessons and interact with learners online.
  3. Complete a background check - The final stage of the interview process is a criminal background check through Checkr, paid for by ClassDojo. 
  4. You’re in! - Once the background check is complete, you’ll move on to a brief training period. Then you’re ready to use your talents to help kids shine. 

What kind of training do tutors receive?

We offer these resources to set you up for success:

1. Live Introduction session (90 minutes). Our team will share insights and strategies specific to online tutoring so you can go into your first session with confidence.

2. Regular programming from ClassDojo. You’ll get resources to keep you up to date with the latest online learning strategies.

3. Access to our private Facebook group for tutors. This is the space to ask your questions, share resources, and lift each other up!

Are tutors ClassDojo employees?

Tutors are not employed by ClassDojo and are classified as independent contractors. You’ll get a 1099 form from our payment platform; it’s up to you to report income from Dojo Tutor when you file your taxes.



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