For Tutors: Creating a great written assessment

After your first session with a new learner, you’ll complete an assessment of their current skill level. You’ll also provide a plan for future sessions to help them make progress.

The assessment is your chance to show families how their child will benefit from working with you. It’s an important factor in their decision to subscribe! 


How to fill out an assessment

You’ll need to complete the assessment the day of the trial session (you’ll have until midnight to submit it). Click the “make class assessment” button next to the learner’s name in your tutoring portal to access it. (Since assessments are only required for trial classes, you won’t see this button next to subscriber tutoring sessions.)

If a learner doesn’t show up, you won’t need to fill out an assessment. In these situations, you can wait 12 minutes, if no one shows up, you can turn off your mic/camera and use the additional time to prep for future classes. If they kid/family shows up late, you will be there to help them out and let them know to contact CS for next steps. You could also help troubleshoot any issues that may have caused them to be late so they are set up for their next class.


What to include in your written assessment

Your assessment should give the parent a clear sense of their child’s level in the subject, and what you’d work on in future classes. Make sure to include the following:

  • Class overview: What did you do during the lesson?
  • Areas of strength: What did the learner do well?
  • Areas of improvement: Where can the learner improve?
  • Recommendations: resources to work on between sessions
  • Work plan: A brief plan for the coming weeks. How will you help the  learner improve in the subject?

While you’re not required to submit an assessment for ongoing classes, tracking learners’ progress is a great way to keep their families in the loop. Here’s a progress report template you can use.

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