Dojo Tutor FAQ


What is Dojo Tutor?

Dojo Tutor matches kids with personal tutors to help them succeed in math, reading, and writing. Fun, one-to-one lessons are tailored to each child’s learning needs. Tutors provide homework help, support getting to grade level, and more. Sessions take place on Zoom, and families can choose convenient times that fit their schedule. 

Is Dojo Tutor affiliated with schools?

Dojo Tutor is an independent program run by ClassDojo. We’re not affiliated with any school, but teachers must use ClassDojo in their classrooms in order to tutor with us.

What subjects and grade levels do you support?

We work with kids from Pre-Kindergarten through 9th grade in math, reading, and writing. We’re looking forward to adding more subjects—stay tuned! 

Can kids receive tutoring in more than one subject?

Yes! Your child can work on any combination of math, reading, and writing with our tutoring team. Your child’s will receive individual assessment in each subject to craft a learning plan that meets their needs.

Who are Dojo tutors?

All our tutors are certified elementary teachers from U.S. schools that use ClassDojo. Dojo tutors are selected for their passion, experience, and skill in meeting kids where they are to help them thrive. Every Dojo tutor goes through a rigorous interview process that includes a background check and sample lesson. 

Can I choose a tutor for my child?

Yes! Once you sign up, we’ll match you with a tutor who best fits your child’s needs. Visit to get started.

Class Logistics

How long are classes?

Classes are 25 minutes long. Research suggests that this is the most effective session length for young learners based on brain development and  average attention span.

How are lessons structured?

The first session lets your child and their tutor get to know each other. Their tutor will then prepare a learning plan based on your child’s needs and interests. 

Following sessions use fun activities personalized to your child. Each lesson builds on the previous one to help them make progress toward their learning goals.

What lesson materials do you use?

ClassDojo provides tutors with tailored assessments for each subject and grade level. Tutors then create additional materials based on your child’s individual interests and learning needs.

How much do lessons cost?

Tutoring sessions for subscribers are $30 each, but we heavily discount this price to provide a trial session to new families.

Tech Requirements

Are classes online or in person?

All classes take place online via Zoom. You’ll receive a new meeting link for each tutoring session. If you’ve never used Zoom on your device, the meeting link will prompt you to download it.

What kind of device do I need?

Your device must have a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone. A computer works best, but any device that meets these requirements (including phones, tablets, or Chromebooks) will work.


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